Blood Lust & Outrage
Were all holding on for hope...
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Winged - wineandtobacco (via wineandtobacco)

I pulled you closer
Smelling of old smoke
And whiskey bars
Your leather
Pressed against

Your lips made crimson
Smeared with the days length
But still tender
Driving me
Inwards to

We drank until dawn
And there was nothing
Left to drown in
You lead me
Back to your

Eyeliner crept down
The side of your cheek
As your problems
Made their way
From heart
To mouth

Do Not Love Him - wineandtobacco (via wineandtobacco)

Do not love him
Because he said
He would always be there
After you kissed him

Do not love him
Because he held
Your hand behind closed doors
When you were upset

Do not love him
Because his lips
Make your stomach grow weak
When they brush your cheek

Do not love him
Because you gave
Him your body one night
And he was your first

Love him
Because he wants
Nothing but to spend his
Time with you alone


lacy underwear makes me feel powerful and unstoppable

(via total-vixen)


kinda weird that u can think about someone as much as u want and they have no idea

(via suicidal-smiles)

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